WP2: Digital bibliographic resources and services purchase

WP2 aims to ensure:

  • wider usage of information resources in digital format and bibliographic services, purchased through agreements with publishers and commercial aggregators;
  • promotion of agreements for cooperative purchase that are useful to foster economies of scale;
  • increase in contracts and agreements for the legal deposit (Law n. 106, 2004, April 15th Decree n. 252 of the President of the Republic, 2006 May 3th).

The purchase activities are currently carried out by many research and academic libraries, that only partially use cooperative strategies in order to maintain and/or develop their collections. Taking advantage from the recent experiences in purchasing policies coordinated within the CNR library system, WP2 goal is to optimize cooperative purchase practices through political, legal and financial proposals developed by partners, that may offer alternative models (ex.gr. open access strategies) and/or integrated with current consortium strategies.

Thanks to cooperation agreements with other academic and National research institutions, with inter-university purchase consortia and with publishers and information content aggregators several benefits will be obtained:

  • library collection rationalisation;
  • purchase cost savings;
  • wider usage of resources and additional services (digital preservation, web services, advanced bibliographic services, etc.).

In order to support collections and other bibliographic documents selection and development activities, technical tools for usage statistics continuous monitoring and for users feedback collection are implemented.

WP2 activities are closely related to those of WP4, WP6 and WP10, since they are intended to promote integrated strategies to favour open access models, research output digital preservation and innovative and bibliographical services development.